Cinema Heritage Archive

The CTA Archive had to move from its current home in Leyton, East London as the building we used was being redeveloped. The Archive has been packed up and moved into temporary storage, as new accommodation had not be found by the time we had to vacate in August 2015.

As a result, we are not regularly open for visitors or able easily to deal with enquiries. We are able to arrange for members to visit the archive but booking is essential. Please use the archive enquiry form, detailing your interest and why you would like to visit. Further information is published in the latest issue of the CTA Bulletin.

The Cinema Theatre Association maintains an extensive collection of material, built up over many years, charting the history and development of cinemas in Britain. From the earliest picture houses and theatre conversions through the era of the super-cinema, the post-war decline and cinemas recent revival and the multiplex of today. The archive is a unique resource of both changing architectural and social history.

The collection includes photographs, drawings, architectural plans, newspaper cuttings, magazine and internet articles, books, posters, programmes, industry documents and artefacts. Within the holdings are special collections donated by leading architects and cinema companies as well as personal research collections which represent a lifes work. We appreciate donations both large and small from our members, the general public as well as from within the industry.

The archive is open to everyone whether or not you are a member and is used for research for local studies, publications, television, radio, exhibitions, talks and so on. You may wish to visit the archive in person or submit a request for material and we will endeavour to help you with your research studies and assist you in interpreting the material. The Cinema Theatre Association is committed to encouraging the study of cinema history and increasing general awareness through education.

For further information or to contact the Archive please go to the Archive Enquiry page.