CTA Wales / CTA Cymru

CTA Wales was founded in 2010 at the instigation of local members John Skinner and Jon Williams, Welsh speakers who share a passion for the history of Welsh cinemas. The impetus behind the group is cinema building conservation. It was felt that a campaign for the protection and preservation of cinema buildings in Wales would be more successful if it was based in that country and if it could communicate with national and local government organisations in Welsh. Living and working in Wales, the two principals are ideally placed to visit the appropriate sites and attend meetings regarding conservation issues.

CTA Wales has also organised highly successful visits to cinemas and theatres in its area.

However, the CTA does not have a regional or branch membership structure. Any member with a special interest in the cinemas of Wales is welcome to contact John Skinner, especially if they have an idea for or are willing to help with organising an event or visit