Picture House

Picture House - a high quality, 60+ page authoritative magazine, is published annually and is free to CTA members. It contains in-depth articles on cinema subjects and is packed with photographs and illustrations.

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Shipman & King Circuit - The Men and the Cinemas
Mollo & Egan

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Picture House 2021

Cecil Clavering- Odeon Architect.
Hailsham Pavilion at 100
Working for Star
Focus Sevenoaks 1977-79

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Picture House 2020

Classic Repertory Cinemas
Blackpool Cinemas
Thomas Jackson
Bernard Snowball’s working life

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Picture House 2019

Village Cinemas in Banchory and Around
William Keys career
Bernard Snowball’s working life

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Picture House 2018

Virgin Cinemas
Picture House Campbeltown
Peter Jewett’s ABC Memories
Scala Kings Cross

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Picture House 2017

Odeon, Elephant & Castle
Plaza Crosby
Depot Lewes
Gaumont Sheffield Attendances
John Duffin Paintings
Commissionaires and Usherettes.

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Picture House 2016

50 Years On & In the Beginning / Running the CTA / A Case for Casework / Moving The Archive / Publications / Our Cinema and Theatre visits / Our Membership
Plaza Stockport: a Success Story
The Salvation of the Grosvenor Rayners Lane
Pascal J. Stienlet - architect

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Picture House 2015

Tolmer Cinema
Worst cinema in Soho
Michael Stringer memories
West End Cinema Photos
Granada Man - Steve Waddingham
WW2 at the Savoy, Northampton
Will Onda and James Atroy
Stafford Entertainments

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Picture House 2014

World War One and the Film Trade
Films at the Royal Albert Hall
Being there: A Child of the Cinema
Many Lives of Majestic Oxford
Casework: Regals at Bridlington and Sunderland
Memories of Odeon, North Finchley

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Picture House 2013

Verity's Survivor - Carlton, Haymarket
Northern Morris Associated
Cinema Murders
Point of Appeal
Cinemas serving the Military
My Start with Granada

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Picture House 2012

Special Presentation

  • Saving the Electric Palace, Harwich
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Picture House 2011

  • Lesley Kemp
  • Sidney Clift
  • Being There: Brighton
  • Circuit Releases 1960
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Picture House 2010

  • The 1909 Cinematograph Act
  • Imitations of Odeon
  • Royal Records of Cradley Heath
  • Holophane and the Golden Age of Colour Lighting
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Picture House 2009

  • The Beaufort Birmingham
  • The Granada Tooting in 1934
  • J Braddon´s Cinema Life
  • Rank, Scotland, The Postwar Years
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Picture House 2008

  • Theodore Komisarjevsky
  • Circuit and Other Releases of 1956
  • Worth Saving? The Case for the New Victoria Bradford
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Picture House 2007

  • Photographs from Harry Myers
  • Cinema at the Coalface
  • Shaws of Darwen
  • Edward A.Stone
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Picture House 2006

  • A Family Business: Sol Sheckman And The Essoldo Circuit
  • All The Essoldo and Sol Sheckman Cinemas
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Picture House 2005

  • The Autobiographical Notes of Alfred David, Showman
  • The Last Days of the Davis
  • The Hills are alive in East Anglia: the Sound of Music comes to Norwich
  • The Wanderer Returns (Gaumont Palace, Hammersmith's organ)
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Picture House 2004

  • Cinerama in Britain
  • Being There: the boom years
  • Built by Braziers
  • Waller Jeff's Scrapbook
  • Bright Lights and Long Shadows (cinema images by John Duffin)
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Picture House 2003

  • The Picture House/Torbay Cinema, Paignton
  • Tabs
  • James McKissack, architect
  • Clark & Fenn: more interiors
  • Major W J King
  • English Multiplexes: best exteriors
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Picture House 2002

  • Hands off the Whiteladies
  • The Mermaid's Palace: Renovating the New/Apollo, Victoria
  • Clark & Fenn in the 1930's
  • When Exhibitors saw Scarlett: The War over Gone with the Wind
  • Being there: the 1940's
  • John Compton, Organ Manufacturer
  • A Chronology of Compton Theatre Organs
  • Tim Foster Architects
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Picture House 2001

  • The Paramount, Newcastle upon Tyne
  • A Granada Man
  • E. de Wilde Holding (Wessex architect)
  • Two years at the Rivoli
  • Truth, myth and Supposition at the Electric
  • The Astoria, Finsbury Park and Edward Albert Stone
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Picture House 2000

  • F E Bromige - Cinema Architect
  • The Oldest Cinema?
  • The Carlton Cinema, Swansea - the very best bookshop in Wales
  • Two Gaumont Managers: David Goodman & Albert Watts

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Picture House 1999

  • The Oldest Cinema: The Haringey Contender
  • Gaumont, Holloway: The full glory
  • Bill Penney's Cardiff cinema round-up
  • When management was fun - Classic moments
  • Preservation Matters
  • An Odeon miscellany (1949 frontages)

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Picture House 1997

  • Pictures at the Palace (Theatre)
  • Alight in the dark: Pearce Signs
  • Alone in the Dark
  • Re-inventing Cinemas - the work of Burrell Foley Fischer
  • Images form the Daily Herald archive
  • David Nye: cinema architect
  • Jimmy Nairn: a life in pictures

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Picture House 1996

  • 100 years on: celebrating the first film show
  • Travelling shows and the first static cinemas
  • Geggies, Empires, Cinemas
  • Reggie Rea: Sheffield's Daredevil Showman
  • About the Albert Hall, Sheffield
  • Art of West End advertising
  • Sir Sydney Samuelson CBE
  • The Regal, Wells: The inside story

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Picture House 1993

  • The people's cinemas: picture houses of the Co-operative movement
  • The Ideal, Lambeth: an experiment in a church cinema
  • Night out for Ninepence: picture-going in Dursley
  • The cinemas of Alistair Macdonald
  • Great Granada the pride of Tooting

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Picture House 1992

  • The cinemas of Sidney Colwyn Foulkes
  • United Picture Theatres: the Cinderella circuit
  • Project Tivoli: a Wimborne affair
  • Remember this? The Bijou, Sloughborough

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Picture House 1991

  • The cinemas of George Coles: pictures from his personal albums
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Picture House 1990/91

  • Remembering John Squires
  • 3000 Plus
  • Circuit release of 1953
  • Where space matters
  • The Dominion Theatre, London
  • The wide screen - and after (Leeds & Huddersfield)

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Picture House 1990

  • The dream lands of Julian Leathart
  • The cinema at Burgess Hill
  • Clitheroe's Civic Hall cinema
  • Saving our cinema heritage
  • March of the Multiplexes
  • Miles Jervis - Showman
  • Note on Joseph T Mears and the Mears circuit
  • Facing the Fifties
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Picture House 1988

  • Eric Rhodes: Mr. Classic
  • With ABC in Scotland
  • The cinemas of Cambridge
  • The film trade in Leeds
  • Llanelli's Golden Jubilee

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Picture House 1987

  • When I was the cinema king - Montagu Pyke
  • The Pyke circuit
  • Regent, Brighton
  • The Theatre Organ
  • The talkie revolution
  • The shoestring circuit - Shipman & King

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Picture House 1986

  • Sol Levy: Midlands pioneer
  • Front-line Folkestone
  • Reginald W Cooper of Nottingham
  • ABC in Northwest London

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Picture House 1985

  • Television in the Cinema,
  • Atherley Southampton,
  • Hippodrome Blackpool.

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