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Other Societies

The Theatre Historical Society of America

League of Historic American Theatres

The Cinema and Theatre Historical Society - Victoria, Australia

Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation

UK Cinemas and Circuits

Operational UK cinemas


Picturehouse Cinemas

Empire Cinemas



Everyman Cinemas

Curzon Cinemas

Websites for smaller circuits

Cinema Organs

The Cinema Organ Society

Scottish Cinema Organ Society

Scottish Theatre Organ Preservation Society

The Theatre Organ Club

American Theatre Organ Society

American Theatre Organ Society - London Chapter

The Theatre Organ

Theatre Organs under the Southern Cross

Wurlitzer Opus list

Relevant UK


London's Silent Cinemas

Chester Cinemas

Derelict London - Cinemas and Theatres

Deal - Regent Cinema (Campaign to re-open)

Ewell - Rembrandt Cinema

The Picture Palace: History of Liverpool Cinemas

London Project (Cinema Database 1894-1914)

Scottish Cinemas and Theatres Project

Scotland's Listed Cinema Buildings

Stockport - Plaza Cinema

Stretford - Longford Cinema

UK Pictures Palaces - near & far to Chester

Lost Bingo Halls


Arthur Lloyd Music Hall and Theatre History

The Frank Matcham Society

The Winter Gardens - Morecambe

The Theatres Trust


British Pathe

British Film Institute (BFI) Archive

Moving Image Archive - National Library of Scotland

The Projected Picture Trust (Archive of cinema technical equipment)

The Tile Society

Traditional Paint Forum

Fairground Heritage Page


Mad Cornish Projectionist Services

Mawgrim's Worlds (Odeon Cavalcade and other older cinema shots and stories)

Dusahenka - Flickr Archive (Extensive collection of old cinema photos from Flickr website user Dusashenka)

Relevant Non-UK

Friends of the Louxor, Paris

Cinema Treasures

Cinema Tour

Cinema Heritage Group (Malta, Ireland etc.) (currently under maintenance - please use the group's Facebook page until repaired)

Rivest's Ultimate List of Movie Theatres

Cinema in the Netherlands

The Guardian - Cine-files

Silver Screens

St George Theatre, Staten Island, New York

San Francisco's Abandoned Movie Theaters

After the Final Curtain

Loew's Kings Theatre, Brooklyn